Hellenic Blockchain Hub (https://blockchain.org.gr), is a  non-profit organization aimed at the dissemination of knowledge about the blockchain technology in our country.

Technologies around blockchain radically transform the way in which the economy functions, as they create a technological opportunity for the existence of a distributed form of trust. This is of great importance, as it can affect traditionally trusted authorities, transactions and electronic services.

With blockchain technology, the trust that has existed so far due to a contractual relationship is now built thanks to the distributed and secure way of storing, managing and exchanging information.

This results in radical changes in all the existing financial and business models that we all use every day.

Consequently, we believe that in the coming years we will experience significant changes in the financial and business systems, and this is why we should all be actively involved.

The following working document presents the mission statement, initial thoughts and suggestions on interventions as well as the next steps.

Introduction – Objectives

The main objective of the Hellenic blockchain Hub as an organization and network is to contribute to the promotion of blockchain / DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies & Distributed) technologies and the development of standards and applications in sectors of the economy and society and be a center for knowledge acquisition as well as a platform for dialogue.

Specifically, our objectives are as follows:

  • The promotion of blockchain technologies in important sectors of the economy and society, which will result in the promptness of transactions, transparency and the required digital transformation that is crucial due to the technological and economic developments and the wider perspective of the decentralized Internet.
  • The development of a business and social ecosystem of innovation around decentralized blockchain technologies (DLT – Distributed Ledger technologies & Distributed Technologies) called the Hellenic blockchain association. The objective will be achieved by building a network of businesses / start-ups that provide these solutions.
  • The creation of a Greek organization that will network creative people, executives, various bodies, research members as well as their ideas on how to use decentralized technologies.
  • The organization of dissemination and awareness-raising actions to inform citizens and stakeholders, such as conferences, seminars, workshops.
  • The creation of a permanent mechanism for consultation with the Greek state and European institutions on institutional interventions or synergies.
  • Networking and synergies with collective bodies and policy makers, and equivalent Greek and foreign bodies.
  • The exploration of business and social models for growth (e.g. decentralized services, market places crowd funding, Initial Coin offerings etc.).
  • The utilization of research and development at global and national level in order to achieve the above objectives.
  • The creation of the first Greek register by experts in the field of blockchain and, in general, DLT technologies, cryptocurrencies, tokens, decentralized applications development framework.
  • The creation of a blockchain academy to provide educational programs as well as a blockchain business incubator


Founding members / Supporting Organizations

The founding members are natural persons.

The founding members have interdisciplinary experience in designing and developing innovation actions and interventions, as well as knowledge on the business domain for the application of technologies.

They come from or represent organisations of the following sectors:

  • Technology
  • Financial sector (Banks, Fintech, Payment Institutions etc.)
  • Public Administration – Local Authorities
  • Agricultural sector
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Civil Society
  • Energy – Environment – Renewable sources

In order to achieve the objectives, it is necessary to mobilize resources and stakeholders willing to contribute or utilize the produced results.

To this end, supportive legal entities (e.g. companies, organizations, institutions, educational institutions) as well as individuals can participate in thematic working groups to be set up.


Actions and Interventions, Required resources:

The operation of the organization is physical and digital.

On the one hand, it is physical through the organization of actions such as innovation workshops, seminars and events and, on the other hand, it is digital through a dedicated collaborative platform and various tools.


Examples of actions for the first six months:

  • Innovation blockchain lab to inform the decision makers
  • Creation of an open innovation and consultation platform to highlight proposals and ideas on how technologies can be applied to the economy and society.
  • Creation of an informative version – educational material – guide to blochkchain and the broader field of technologies (e.g. smart contracts, DAPPs, DAOs etc.)
  • Networking and dissemination of the intervention with the aim of utilizing the experience of Organizations from abroad.
  • Creation of a register by blockchain – DLT experts