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Since blockchain technology is a general purpose technology, it plays a key role worldwide in improving the services of the national economy and the public sector, enhancing innovation, productivity and competitiveness of businesses and, in general, in the development of contemporary economies and societies. Due to the decentralized nature of technology, its proper use by a local economy/society can make a significant contribution to local development and to better exploiting the comparative advantages of an area. The successful implementation of such projects often does not require significant investments but the substantial involvement of local human resources.

Indicative but not restrictive areas of cooperation

  • Participation in working groups
  • Participation in proof of concepts
  • Networking with members (natural and legal persons)
  • Publications in scientific journals and conferences
  • Participation in policy and strategy texts
  • Conducting workshops / conferences / seminars
  • Preparation of studies with specific objectives which will include the implementation of case studies, the identification and promotion of good practices as well as the use of field research data.
  • Planning (or implementation) of small pilot actions.
  • Evaluation of existing relevant actions.
  • Writing of and organizing research and operational proposals at both national and European level in order to implement interdisciplinary programs.
  • Participation in research projects.


Memoranda of cooperation

(The list is constantly enriched)